Exactly 18 months after the groundbreaking on November 4, 2017, Lavon SwanCity has proven its commitment to handover 946 units divided into two clusters, namely Allura and Gracia to its beloved customers. Indeed, the developer who is collaborating with Singapore-based SwanCity is still relatively new in Indonesia, but Lavon SwanCity often proves that quality and results do not fool determination and work hard to always innovate in terms of offering a better quality of life.

The completion of the construction of 946 housing units ready for habitation as well as a momentum for the start of handover to consumers who have entrusted their future investments by choosing Lavon SwanCity as their dream home. This is in line with the investment made by Lavon SwanCity for the construction of its first residential project in Indonesia. Since the initial launch in September 2017, Lavon SwanCity has set a new record with the sale of 2 clusters with a total of 946 in just 2 days, followed by the launch of 2 other clusters and shophouses in October which managed to record sales exceeding 90% or sold more than 700 At the end of 2017, a remarkable achievement for the Indonesian property industry where Lavon recorded sales of more than 1600 units in just 4 months.

The construction of 2 other clusters, namely Enchanta and Lavisa, is also planned to be completed this year, precisely in December 2019, so that the total houses built this year will reach more than 1600 houses. In 2020, Lavon SwanCity is also projected to finish building 1545 houses in Lavon 2 and also 650 houses in the last phase of Lavon 1, bringing the total number of houses built in this 2 year period to more than 3900 houses, a fantastic number. Of course, the development can be carried out due to sales factors as well as extraordinary support from consumers who give full trust to Lavon.

Not only the construction of residential units that are being carried out by Lavon SwanCity, other supporting infrastructure is also being built. Among them are the construction of the Cikupa Interchange and the construction of access in and out of the Cikupa Toll Road, which makes the condition of the road to get in and out of residents more comfortable. Located in the Cikupa - Tangerang area no doubt makes Lavon SwanCity think of a stable electricity supply that covers the entire residential area. To that end, Lavon uses premium electricity facilities from PLN, which uses 2 electrical substations so as to maintain the stability of electricity supply in residential areas. So, residents do not have to worry about power failure because with the 2 substations making an active electricity backup if one of the substations is not working or there is a power outage.