Apartment or house? Which one is better?

Investment in buying and selling property will never seem to die. Despite being sluggish this year, selling prices of houses, houses, shop houses, apartments, and other types of property are more often up than down. Moreover, property in Jakarta and surrounding areas. But the question that arises is what type of property is better for investment?

If you choose the type of house to buy, you should consider a number of things. First, understand the status of ownership of houses and apartments. Buying a tread house is synonymous with owning a house and land at the same time. While buying an apartment, you only have room in it because the status is joint ownership (strata title).

Second, the cost of maintaining routine things like electricity and other maintenance, the apartment is higher than the house. Third, location and price. Is the house or apartment you want to buy strategically located or not. Comparing prices by looking at market conditions and needs also needs to be done.

Owning a house is more secure because it has two ownership, namely a house and land in the form of a legal certificate. You have the land to make an attractive layout as you wish. This can not happen in apartments that are usually shared land. In addition, selling a house is faster than an apartment because home enthusiasts are more common.

Although public opinion supports that the apartment is a symbol of success and increases the prestige of its owner, many developers currently sell exclusive and luxurious homes at affordable prices. One of them is a house in Tangerang, Lavon SWANCITY which is starting to become a promising investment target.

Built in an area of ??60 hectares, Lavon residence has a City of Future Future that carries three main concepts, namely Transit Gateway, Central Business District (CBD), and Eco Business Park. In the heart of Tangerang. Lavon's location is strategic because it is connected to the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road and will be connected to the Serpong-Balaraja toll road, the Balaraja-Airport toll road and the MRT.

For more information, you can contact 021-39729988 and access the website www.lavon.co.id.