Does having a dream house with complete facilities but can be obtained at an affordable price is one of your resolutions in 2018? Then how about your search results after six months have passed?

Surely you have many considerations in deciding the best, because of course the location, style and quality of the building, a comfortable environment, and qualified facilities are only a few of the things to make a home an ideal place to live.

Speaking of location, often people still want to live in housing in the middle of the city, even though this one factor can affect all the quality criteria in the search for ideal homes. The building area is small and less aesthetically pleasing, the quality of the building is easily degraded due to pollution, polluted air, and facilities with no future vision. Therefore, having a place to live outside of Jakarta is one option that you can consider. One area in the Tangerang Region, namely Cikupa, is a location where the property industry is increasingly stretching with a strategic location and environment that is still beautiful, so that it is now gaining popularity as an ideal residential area.

How not, the rapid property growth in Cikupa together with the development of Phase Three Mass Rapid Transport (Balaraja-Tangerang) infrastructure and three direct toll road access connected to Outer Ring Road II which includes Serpong-Balaraja toll road along 32-38 KM can be a solution to the concern of access to and from Jakarta.

SwanCity, a multinational developer from Singapore, in September 2017 launched the Lavon 1 cluster located in the Pasar Kemis area, Cikupa, Tangerang and succeeded in getting sales of more than 1,000 units within two months. This time SwanCity comes with Lavon 2 which was built in the English style and has an access solution with the construction of the MRT and direct toll roads as gateways.

Applying the concept of "Park Home", Lavon 2 has a specific differentiation compared to other clusters, namely the separation of the area between vehicle traffic and occupant activity, which is called the concept of segregation and is the first time in Indonesia. In addition, Lavon 2 also has a 40-meter wide boulevard area and 2.5-hectare eco corridor which is neatly arranged so as to facilitate access that provides unlimited comfort for the residents.

Lavon 2, which has an area of ??73 hectares, also has a home automation program that is integrated with digital locks and internal CCTV. Each Lavon 2 park home unit consists of three floors with bedrooms, bathrooms, spacious ceilings, private gardens, parking areas for two cars, a closed kitchen, to walk in wardrobe, so as to maximize the function in each area of ??the house. The Lavon 2 unit consists of three series with each building area consisting of 124.5m2 of F series, 150m2 of G series and 165m2 of H series.

Not only that, every home unit available in Lavon 2 is also equipped with smart home features that ensure the comfort and safety of residents through modern means. So that at any time residents can leave the house without anxiety, there is a concierge service that is ready to maintain the security of the house while left empty. The tight security system at Lavon 2 is strengthened by security posts at the main gate, cluster gate and CCTV in each unit.

The beauty of Lavon 2 is more than just a view because it is proven to improve air quality by 73% with a green open area consisting of private parks, linear parks along the cluster and seven types of labyrinth parks, residents can enjoy clean air and activities in the area around the cluster. Aside from being beautiful, the charm of Lavon 2 can also increase social interaction in Lavon 2 by up to 44%. Really ideal residence, right?

If you are fascinated with the facilities provided by Lavon 2, SwanCity will hold a Lavon 2 Exclusive Preview event which will take place on 30 June at the Lavon by SwanCity Marketing Gallery, Cikupa, Tangerang. Various entertainment programs will be displayed and the main event is a digital game Property Tycoon that can test the insight of investing in property and prizes immediately attract up to 2 billion rupiah.