Maximizing the Design of a Home so Ideal Living

Arranging every room in the house is not just considering the functional and effectiveness aspects, more than that there are also elements of aesthetics, inspiration, and relaxation. You must imagine how comfortable your bedroom is so that it can be a place of exile from the outside world without any disturbance.

Problems arise when the narrow space that you have must also be equipped with a place to store personal items. Adjusting the layout for a comfortable home is a challenge. Small houses usually have simple room construction. Therefore, you are expected to make the most of the corner of your house.

The most you should pay attention to is the concept and function of the room. Minimalist homes tend to have space that is not too large so extra lighting could be the solution. Enough lighting is able to reinforce while giving the impression of luxury. Use this type of corner light with downlights. In addition, minimalist home is very concerned with the value of space efficiency. So that the remaining space can have added value at home.

Maximizing home design is the focus of Lavon SWANCITY, located in Pasar Kemis, Cikupa, Tangerang in building dream dwellings. How can this house in Tangerang be made as efficient as possible in every corner of the room so as to provide comfort for its residents. Built on 60 hectares of land, Lavon residence provides a variety of cluster types to suit the character and lifestyle of you and your family.

The main design of Lavon as a future residence is to produce the best housing to live in, as a place to move and play, in a safe environment that can be enjoyed by everyone. Find out other favorite facilities that Lavon Tangerang has brought to you by visiting the site You can also directly call the telephone number 021-39729988 to see sales info for Lavon's home.